Thursday, August 21, 2008

Threshold Departments

I’m far too lazy to write up a proper post today, so instead I present you with these assorted Threshold Departments:

You’re Going To Hell Department:
Hairdresser turned evangelist, convicted pederast, and fugitive from justice Jonathan Bell wants you to know that he’s NOT AN EXTREMIST!

(Kevin? Is he talking to you?)

Show Your Tits…I Mean, Stand Up For Your Rights Department:
This is a movement I can get behind, or rather, in front of: Bare Your Breasts on “Go Topless Day” This Saturday!
Ladies, show your support for breasts by taking off your breasts’ support and showing your breasts!

I…But…I Can’t…I Don’t Understand…Huh? Department:
Watch the video featured in this Topless Robot post, which I think may very well be some sort of Zen Koan, then contemplate the sound of one hand clapping.

I’ll Put That Burning The Surface Of The Entire Planet In The “Maybe” Column Department:
I find myself mostly in agreement with the comment listed below from an io9 post on the news that Sam Raimi and Tom Cruise are working to bring an adaptation of the Ed Brubaker comic Sleeper to the big screen:

People, if Tom Cruise plays Tao, all will be right with the world. Be at peace.
If he somehow ends up playing Holden, however, let us unite and burn the surface of the entire planet.

For the record, there’s only one reason to not read Sleeper: you hate things that are awesome.

Special Bonus Department:
I give you Keyword Kraziness: No Kommentary Edition:

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sexy vacation solution
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charlies theron untidy & lazy at home?
dainty penmanship

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