Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Picture And Some Conversations

This extremely Not Safe For Work picture is of another of my favorite Playmates, Miss December 1989 Petra Verkaik.
Yes, they are massive.
It's worth noting that, while she was a Playmate over 20 years ago, the source image is from a very recent shoot.
So, yeah.
(I should mention that I took a little artistic license and finished the job that the person who did her waxing started)
Even if you're averse to seeing a naked woman - and she's all kinds of naked -I'd encourage you to check out the picture anyway, because I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out.

Some Conversations:

At Work:

In her office
My Boss: Maybe you just don't feel things the way normal people do.*
Me: That's definitely a possibility.

Calling me on the phone on Friday at 3:15
My Boss: Are you still here?
Me: Not for long, apparently.

At the Comic Shop:

Comic Book Guy: (Ringing up my stack of books, pauses) Do you...want this Astonishing X-Men?
Me: (Shrugging, as it was auto-added to my subscription box so I thought I'd check it out)
CBG: Because it's really bad. I mean, just look at the art. Look at her butt. That should tell you everything you need to know.
Me: That is pretty bad.
CBG: ...I don't think I can let you buy this.

Update: The Comic in question.

*There was a context for the conversation in which this wasn't really insulting, but it was still pretty funny.


Merlin T Wizard said...

Oh dear lord. I looked up the issue in question. That is hideous. What's with Storm's underboobs? Emma's butt, yech. That's art failure of Leifeldian proportions.

Jon Maki said...

I meant to put a link in the post, but forgot. I've since corrected that oversight.
Yeah, it was really bad. Same person on interiors, too. And apparently the story sucked as well.
So I let him talk me out of it. Apparently I wasn't the only one he'd done that for; there was a stack of them at the register that had been rejected by others.