Thursday, March 06, 2008

Y'all Are Brutalizing Me

Yesterday I watched a movie entitled Run Ronnie Run, which sprung from the minds of the titular Bob (Odenkirk) and David (Cross) of the late HBO sketch comedy series Mr. Show with Bob and David.
The movie focuses on the life of one Ronnie Dobbs, the sort of stereotypical scrawny, shirtless, drunken redneck who can be seen trying to weasel out of being arrested on Cops every week.
In Ronnie’s world, Cops is called Fuzz, and Ronnie has appeared, and been arrested, on the show more than any other person, and has generated a cult-like following of fans, which an opportunistic entrepreneur decides to cash in on by creating a new reality series focusing entirely on Ronnie and his arrests.
The characters and situations are lifted directly from Mr. Show sketches, such as this one, in which a musical based on Ronnie’s encounters with the law is being produced:

What makes this so awesome is the earnest – almost lovely – manner in which David Cross, as Ronnie, sings of being “brutalized” by the police.
The only thing that could be more awesome is this clip from the movie featuring the same oddly poignant song, with the part of Ronnie being filled by Mandy Patinkin:

And what ratchets up the awesomeness even further? A naked Mandy Patinkin singing Ronnie’s song.
Overall the movie was entertaining, though the long format didn’t do it any favors, as it lacked the rapid-pace of a much shorter and to the point Mr. Show sketch. But any flaws and shortcomings the movie may have had were more than made up for in the form of a pre-breast reduction surgery Nikki Cox parading around in very tight bikinis.
(Sexy Update: Now with some low-res screen caps of Nikki in one such bikini culled from the interwebs.)


Merlin T Wizard said...

Ah, how many times have I caught myself singing Ronnie's song as the fuzz cart me off to the drunk tank for another night to cool down.

What? No! Shut yer trap and make me a pot pie!

lbugsh2 said...

Scott and the Fuzz does that even go in the same sentence. Awesome video jon.

Jon Maki said...

Stacy could SO kick your ass; you'd be the one calling 911 for help.
Officer: Has she been hitting you?
Scott: (mumbles)
Officer: What was that?
Scott (looks uneasiy towards Stacy): sir.
Officer: How'd you get that shiner?
Scott: I...umm...we were playing D&D and, umm, the multi-sided die bounced up off the table and hit me in the eye.
Stacy: That's right; I don't need to hit you, do I you clumsy bitch?!!
Officer: Ma'am, please -
Stacy: I'm just saying he's clumsy is all. Accident prone. Isn't that right, bitch?
Scott: ...yeah, baby, that's right.

Merlin T Wizard said...

It's obviously time to start looking for the hidden cameras. Either that, or someone's been talking. Great, now Stacy's going to, I mean, I'm going to have an accident with another multi-sided die when I get home.