Sunday, December 17, 2006

Link Thing

I decided to check out this site I recently learned about called Library Thing.
It can, I suppose, be described as a MySpace for people who read things other than just text messages.
The basic idea is that you create an online catalog of all of the books in your library, and it just sort of builds from there, offering you the ability to write reviews, make and receive recommendations from other members, and so forth.
They also have some cool little tools like a Book Suggester, which suggests books you might like based on books you own or have read, and an UnSuggester, which lists books you probably would not like.
One possible function I can see for such a site is gift-giving ideas. Have a friend who likes books but don't know what to buy him? Use the Book Suggester. Want to buy him something but don't know whether he has it? Check out his Catalog.
Anyway, if you're into books, check it out.
Inputting your library is surprisingly quick and easy. You create an account by inputting a username and password, then you start adding books. To do this, simply type in the title, author, or ISBN and hit search. The system then searches - or any of several other sites that you can choose from - and comes back with a result. You click on the match and it's added.
Like I said, quick and easy, though if you have an extremely large library it could still take a while.
Anyway, feel free to check out my Profile (Which really doesn't provide much info. For the record, that picture is of Lord Byron, simply because I always wished that someone had referred to me as "mad, bad, and dangerous to know."), or my graphic novel-heavy Catalog.

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