Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Evening Departments

That's Nutty Department:

Boss:  You want some?  They're really good, and carb-neutral.
Me:  No, thanks.
Boss:  We bought a bunch of these when we went on our Cape Cod trip, and went through all of them in like a day.
Me:  Huh.
Boss:  Those girls can really take down some nuts!
Me:  *Cough*
Boss:  I know.

Cryptic Writings Department:

Text from my boss informing me that I'd been promoted:


(I knew what it meant)

Poker Face Department:

Contractor:  So my interview went really well.  I think I'll probably get the job.
Me:  That's good.
Contractor:  So let me ask you something...I get the impression that that group is looked down on by other groups because they're not all that technical.
Me:  ...
Me:  Hm.
Me:  That's certainly...a perspective.
Contractor:  Is that not the case?
Me:  Well, let's just say that people rarely even consider that group's technical expertise and leave it at that.

A Hard Four Days' Night Department:

From Monday afternoon until this morning (Wednesday), I slept a little more than I normally would in the course of four nights.
I woke up this morning feeling tired, and thought, "Are you fucking kidding me?"
Sleeping is, apparently, hard work.

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