Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Blue Balls

So for a while now I've been planning to build a new computer once I get my annual bonus/tax refund. I've done enough upgrading over the years that I've essentially built a complete computer, but I've never actually put one together from scratch.
I figured on just going all out and dropping like 5 grand, buying a top-of-the-line case, premium motherboard, and the most high-powered CPU available, then stocking it with components like an SSD (Solid State Drive), and tons of RAM (24 GB, to be precise).
Out of curiosity, I started looking online at HP to see what it would run me to configure a comparable system from them, letting them do all of the dirty work. Turns out that, with the employee discount I get through work, it would only run about $3,000. (Bear in mind that "only" is a relative term).
Since I have a credit line with them, I thought, "Why not just buy it now, and then pay it off when I have the money in a few months, and have money from my original budget left over?"
So that's what I started to do. However, once I got to the payment options, I noticed that the option of paying with my HP Home and Home Office card was missing.
I fired up a chat session with a customer service rep and found out that they'd actually discontinued the card - not my card specifically; the entire card program in general - so I no longer had that option. Not having the cash handy, that meant I'd have to wait. Sure, that's what I'd originally planned to do, but it feels like an unfair turn of events after my anticipation had heated up to a fever pitch.
It's kind of like having blue balls.
I still have a (working) credit line with Dell, but sadly they don't offer the SSD option.
I suppose I could buy the Dell, then buy my own SSD and install it, but that would mean having to almost immediately reformat the system, since the whole point of the SSD was to have it be the primary drive on which Windows was installed (which would dramatically improve boot-up time and overall performance).


On a more positive note, my mom is doing well enough that she'll be home on Friday. My niece Jourdan is going to spend the night to make sure she's okay, and after that a nurse will come in to help her with cooking and bathing, but overall I'd say that's a very positive sign.

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