Sunday, March 02, 2008

Keyword Kraziness: Karpentry Edition

My active and dynamic social life has prevented me from finding the time to post an entry over the last few days (Read: I’ve been watching a lot of TV and napping), and while I will post a proper entry at some point today, in the meantime I thought I should toss you all a few crumbs in the form of nobody’s favorite continuing feature, Keyword Kraziness.

You’ve certainly come to the right place.

direcpath suck?
Yes. Direcpath sucks hard.

brandie malay hot
That is what is known as a “fact.”

brandie malay feet
brandie malay tits
brandie malay boobs
brandie malay nipple
brandie malay nude
brandie malay pictures
brandie malay myspace

I am very clearly not your source for all things Brandie Malay. I did post all of the pictures of her that I was able to find a while back, which wasn’t much, and, unsurprisingly, she wasn’t nude in any of them. (Click on the Brandie Malay label at the bottom of this post to see that post.)
As for the various parts of her that people are seeking information on, I can say that yes, she does have feet, and she appears to have tits, which, one would assume, are home to at least one nipple, though, again, having never seen her nude, I can’t say that with anything beyond a reasonable degree of certainty. There was a recent episode of Hidden Potential in which she seemed to be exhibiting a certain amount of “pokiness,” but the protruding bits seemed to be in odd locations, so either they were the result of pointy or lumpy bits of whatever she was wearing under her shirt, or those particular bits of her anatomy are oddly-distributed either naturally or as the result of the constriction of whatever she was wearing underneath her shirt.

can't find tanya memme nude pictures
I’m not surprised.

my own experience about self reliance
Why would you be searching Google for your own experience? And if you were looking for someone else’s experience, there’s a kind of irony to that which amuses me terribly.

jane wogan & hgtv
Jane Wogan is a very beautiful woman who sometimes, but, to the show’s eternal shame, not always, appears on HGTV’s series Don’t Sweat It.
I’ve thought about applying to be featured on the show in order to get some projects, such as the de-pinkifying of my master bath, completed around the house, and also to get a chance to see Jane in person. I don’t have such an artificially-inflated sense of self-confidence that I think I’d have any shot at charming the tool belt off of her, but I still think it’d be cool to get to see her in person and to hear that charming Irish brogue she has. Of course, with my luck, if I got on the show, it would be one of the episodes featuring the all-male cast.
On a semi-related note, my Realtor, David Harbour, recently appeared on an episode of HGTV’s series Get It Sold, and will be doing so again on March 5 at 8:30 PM Eastern.
I’ve been thinking I should shoot him an e-mail and see if he can get me the hook up with some of the Hotties of HGTV, but, again, I’m lacking the artificially-inflated sense of self-confidence that would make something like that seem worthwhile.
There are a few pictures of Jane floating around on the Internet, but in the interest of promoting your own experience of self reliance, I’ll leave it up to you to find them for yourselves.

Bonus Link:
As always, among the search strings listed here were the typical bra-related searches. In checking out some of the other search results that came up on those strings, I found a link to this article about the 100th anniversary of the bra.
True, it’s not going to do anything to help you find out how big [insert celebrity name here]’s knockers are, but I don’t see what good finding that out would do you either, so…

In any case, that will do it for this installment of Keyword Kraziness. Check back later for a harrowing account of the intense story of what’s happened in my life since last I posted.

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