Friday, February 21, 2014

Behind The (End) Times

Greeted by much rejoicing from those of us who have been clamoring for such a thing for years, Fred "Slacktivist" Clark is finally pulling together the vast archives of his deconstruction of the Left Behind series into book form, or at least, something much more book-like than the pages and pages of blog posts.
As part of that, he's holding a contest to choose a title and a cover design.
Below are my suggestions*, as well as a hastily thrown together attempt at a cover design for my personal favorite of my suggestions.

"Please Stand Behind: The Rapture is Experiencing Theological Difficulties"
"Fully Loaded: The Story of the World's Worst Books"
"All Right, Then I'll Go To Hell: Unpacking The Twisted Exegesis of Left Behind"
"Phoning It In"
"TurboJesus and His Amazing Friends"
"Forced Tribulation"

"Prayers will be answered in the order in which they were received."
Regardless of who wins the contest, I'll be sure to keep you posted once the book is available.  Whether or not you're interested in reading a detailed deconstruction of The World's Worst Books (TM), or the strange mishmash of theology they represent, throwing some money Fred's way is a worthy effort, and his hilarious insights into the world of Premillennial Dispensation - full of references to comic books, Buffy, Dr. Who, and other geeky touchstones - are so well-written that enjoyment is guaranteed.

*Also, the title of this post is itself a decent suggestion.

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