Saturday, January 25, 2014

Is It Safe? Yes And No.

Here are a couple of pictures I've done.
The first is safe for work (and is "safe" in another way, in that it's the same old, tired, predictable kind of thing I always draw).
The second, which can be seen by clicking on the "Read More" link is decidedly NOT safe for work.
Here's the first one, a picture of Scarlett Johansson (of course) wearing a dark wig:

Yep, it's a drawing, all right.  How exciting.

The second is of Playboy Playmate (December, 1989) Petra Verkaik.
I have a particular fondness for Petra, not just because of her rather impressive endowments, but for some other intangible aspect that I can't quite put a name to.
I'm not alone in that regard - she's a very popular Playmate,being the most published woman in that magazine's history.
She is still active as a model via her Web site, and still looks amazing, especially given that she's nearly 50.
In fact, in the reference photo used for the drawing I did, she was at least in her early 40s.
So, click on "Read More" if you want to see a drawing I did of very naked lady with very large breasts.

I warned you.

1 comment:

Jeff Lipton said...

I think the nekkid picture is better than a lot of your SFW ones. It's VERY realistic (other than the boobs, which you had no control of...)

Nice job!