Tuesday, October 01, 2013

That’s Cute

Periodically – typically after I’ve engaged in any sort of activity with my LinkedIn account – I’ll get contacted by recruiters from contracting companies who are looking to fill some contract position.
I usually just ignore them because:

1.  I’m not terribly inclined to give up my full-time job, with its attendant benefits, for a contract position
2.  Despite my level of experience, they’re usually entry-level positions that wouldn’t pay enough
3.  They would require relocation or an even worse commute than what I already have

Most of the time I just get contacted via e-mail, but sometimes some of them have an actual copy of my résumé, so they have my phone number.
Such was the case last night when I noticed, just before going to bed, that I had a voicemail message.
After listening to the message I kind of wished I had actually answered the call.
This particular recruiter was calling about a Project Manager position.
Okay, so far so good (though I still probably wouldn’t have been terribly interested).
He thought I would be a good fit, which, you know, makes sense, given that I am a Certified Project Management Professional.
Further, it was a position with a telecom company, which is the industry in which I’ve spent my professional life for the past dozen years.
What made it adorable was that the job – a contract position, remember – was with the company at which I’m already employed.
Even better, the job is in Ohio.
So.  This guy thought I would be interested in quitting my full-time job, relocating to Ohio, and taking a contract position with the company I just resigned from.
At this point it was officially adorable.
It also became clear, based on the growing uncertainty of his pitch that he hadn’t actually read my résumé, and that he was doing so even as he spoke and there was a growing awareness on his part of what a pointless endeavor this was turning out to be.  He made some halfhearted comment about following up with me via e-mail, but so far no message has been forthcoming.
I can’t imagine why…

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