Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Still Heart Slacktivist

…and if you become a regular, odds are he’ll heart you, too.
Which brings me to why, for the umpteenth time, I’m mentioning my affection for what has to be the most unlikely place to rise to the position of “Jon’s Favorite Place On Teh Interwebs.”
After all, who would expect me to be a (raving) fan of a blog maintained by an Evangelical Christian?
And yet that’s exactly what I am.
I went for the extensive - and epic -  Left Behind dissections, got drawn in by the commenting community, and have stuck around for nearly five years now, with no plans to leave.
To ensure that remains possible – and profitable for the gracious host – lots of other people need to become frequent visitors as well.
You might not always agree with him – I certainly don’t; Evangelical Christian, after all – but you’re bound to be entertained, informed, and challenged by his writings.
And if you dip into the comments, you’ll find that there’s a huge community of people who are just as entertaining, informative, and challenging.*
So read this post, then go back to read other posts, and then keep doing that.

*And also me.

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