Saturday, October 13, 2012

Eve Without Adam

Hey, you! Yes, you, the person who came here looking for Eve Angel. Wait! Extend your stay past the traditional 0 seconds - I'm trying to help you out (And there is a picture I did of Eve Angel after the jump, so this isn't a total waste of time. Unless you think my picture sucks, in which case, well, just read the helpful information. It will lead you to less Eve Angel-related frustration in the future.)
Okay, still here?  No?  Ah well.  If you had stuck around, you might find this information helpful in your search for images - that aren't my drawings - of Eve Angel, as well as videos and information.
(Of course, we both know you aren't looking for information.  But that's okay.  I understand completely.)

So, if you want to find images and videos of Eve Angel doing her thing, and you're willing to pony up some cash, you can visit her official site:

Eve Angel Official Site

Alternatively, you can sign up for an account with Easy News, which is an excellent Web-based interface for browsing Usenet, which, since long before the days of the Web, has always been an excellent source for pretty much anything you're looking for.

Torrents are also a good bet, and don't require you to pay, though there are some drawbacks.  If you're not familiar with using torrents, here's a link to an eHow article that will get you started.

You may have gotten here via an image search.  Google is, of course, the default search engine, but as much as people joke about how no one uses it, Bing Images actually works very well, too.  The key thing, for your purposes, as you search for images of Eve Angel, is to make sure that your Safe Search settings are set to...well, to find the stuff you're really looking for, make sure they're off entirely.

As for videos, on Google, click on the "More" link up along the top from the main Google page and select Videos.  Again, you're going to want to make sure you don't have any Safe Search settings turned on.  To clear out the clutter, when you type "Eve Angel" into the Search field, be sure to exclude YouTube, because, honestly, you aren't interested in seeing YouTube-approved Eve Angel content, are you?  To do that, simply type "Eve Angel -youtube" without the quotes.  (Or, to narrow things down further, you can put quotes around Eve Angel, so "Eve Angel" -youtube.)

You can also search online videos via Bing, and the above refinements to your search entry apply.  The benefit to Bing is that you can preview the videos right from the search results page.  And that few second preview might be *ahem* all you need.

It's also worth noting that for a time, Eve Angel was credited as "Severine."

Make use of some these helpful links, and in the future you may find yourself spared the trouble of having to navigate to - and immediately away from - this humble blog.

Alternatively, you could actually read some of the content that your search engine of choice displays with its results.  After all, even when I post my drawings of Eve Angel, I tend to yammer on a bit.  So if you see a bunch of pointless text, just move on to the next result.

In the unlikely event that you are actually interested in seeing some of the pictures I've done of Eve Angel, here is a link to every post of mine in which she's been tagged.

TL; DR:  Learning how to search will help you find the pictures and videos you're looking for and avoid my stupid blog.

As promised, my latest picture of Eve Angel can be seen by clicking the link below:

Thanks for stopping by.

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