Friday, June 15, 2012

The Best Choice

This morning I found that sometime after I’d gone to bed I’d gotten two texts from the boss:

Boss:  Remember, you are the man tomorrow.  I put you on my out of office.  (Which is to say that in her Outlook “out of office” auto-response, she listed me as the point of contact for any urgent requests.)
Boss:  Thank you.

Setting aside the fact that I actually need to have known something in the first place in order to remember it, I opted to respond once the morning had progressed to a more reasonable hour:

Me:  No, thank you.  It’s an honor to be selected in recognition of my dedication and leadership abilities.
Me:  …and the fact that I’m THE ONLY ONE HERE.
Me:  My new dating site profile:  “Jon:  The best choice when you have no other options.”

In response, she admitted that she LOLed, but stated that I “know that isn’t the case.”  I don’t know anything of the sort, but chose not to argue the point.
Later, she requested that at some point during the day I ping our VP to see if he needs anything:

Boss:  He’ll say no, but it’s good exposure.
Me:  So is flashing people on the metro.
Me:  And it does about as much good.


The group I work in recently migrated our collective SharePoint sites, which were scattered all over the place due to previous organizational structures, from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.
I am the admin for the overall site collection, and have been overseeing the migration and have been the one who decided on the organization of the collection.  After confirming that all of the data had been migrated successfully, and that it was all organized in the correct hierarchical structure, I sent out the official e-mail to the group that outlines where everything is, mapping the old URLs to the new URLs, and explaining what actions need to be taken.
As soon as I hit “send,” I said, aloud, “…3, 2, 1.”
No sooner had I finished counting when the wave of e-mails, IMs, and phone calls hit.
I have to admit that no matter what was being said or asked, in my mind, what I heard was a Cartman-style whine:  “But  Joooooonnnnn….”
(Also, Garth from Wayne’s World:  “We fear change.”)


The SharePoint change ended up dovetailing with my boss’s wish for me to get some exposure, as I ended up spending an hour in my VP’s office walking him through the new site and showing him some of the ways in which my team utilizes SharePoint.
While it went very well, and he very impressed with the work I’ve done, and the way that we use our site.
So impressed that he wants to hold our site up as an example for other teams, and, in fact, wants me, personally, to do a presentation about the site at one of our SVP’s all hands meetings, or, at a minimum, one of our SVP’s manager meetings, or both.

I have to admit that I might have preferred flashing people on the metro.

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