Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Marilyn Cliche

Lindsay Lohan recently posed for Playboy. Twice, actually, if I recall correctly, because someone - Playboy, Lohan, her representation, or some combination of all three - was unhappy with the first round. Because he's a tired old man who lacks imagination, and because every starlet who aspires to sexiness is similarly lacking in imagination, Hef decided to make the seven millionth trip back to the well that is Marilyn Monroe.
Let me just state upfront that even if the Marilyn-inspired pictorials weren't already a total cliche - especially for Lohan, who did a similar Marilyn recreation for another magazine a few years back - I would be bored and annoyed by the idea, because, and I know this puts me in a minority, I think that MM is overrated.  Really, really overrated.
There's no good reason whatsoever for her to be held up as some icon of sexiness or any of that nonsense.
I can't be convinced otherwise.
In any case, the Lohan issue has yet to hit the stands, but the pictorial has already found its way onto the Web.
Despite the trite Marilyn tribute aspect, the pictures actually looks surprisingly good.  Good enough, in fact, that I was inspired to draw one of them.
At least it wasn't shot in grainy black and white, with her covered in sawdust and whale's blood.  All things considered, I'd rather have the Playboy photographers go with a tired old cliche than attempt anything avant garde...
(And at least there's unobstructed nudity, and she flirts with going full frontal.)
I did make a change, however; to counteract the played-out Marilyn aspect, I presented her as a redhead.  Imagine that:  Lindsay Lohan with red hair.
Check out the nude and NSFW image after the jump.

No platinum blonde locks, thanks.