Friday, November 04, 2011

The Great Chain Of Bad Decisions

Today at work we had an All Hands meeting combined with a "team building" exercise.
I am of the opinion that the surest, most reliable, and most effective way to build solid teamwork is through actual work.
Therefore, I'm also of the opinion that "team building" exercises - particularly those that cut into actual work time - have no value whatsoever for anyone anywhere ever.
Except, I suppose, for the companies - such as the one brought in for today's excruciating ordeal - that are paid to go to large corporations and provide their alleged services in promoting "team building."
As I sat there today, watching the people facilitating the whole pointless endeavor, I couldn't help but develop what my brother calls "embarrassment goosebumps" from the sympathetic humiliation I felt on their behalf.
They were just so...earnest.  Cluelessly, painfully eanest.
In terms of sheer WTFery, it was only slightly edged out by the time back when I worked at AOL and we had an All Hands meeting during which some random Director or somesuch got up on stage and performed his amateur ventriloquist act.
(Srsly.  That happened.  Scott can back me up on that.  And it was exactly as horrifyingly uncomfortable and awkward as it sounds.)
In any case, as I sat there feeling embarrassment-by-proxy, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of chain of bad decisions can actually lead someone to think that doing something like that for a living is a good idea.
And then I realized that the same question could be applied to me, the person sitting there wasting a perfectly good workday, working for a company that is willing to piss away perfectly good money on something that, as noted, is of no value to anyone anywhere ever.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

Yes, it did happen and I still cringe sympathetically any time I think about it. Crickets chirping in the dark can't even begin to describe how awkwardly unfunny he was.