Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Not Too Much New

Not much new going on with my mom. They're going to go in with a scope to find/cauterize the bleeding tomorrow morning. They would have done it today, but they didn't decide to do it until after she'd already eaten breakfast. So she has to go without food or water after midnight tonight. Dr. Personality told her "Thursday or Friday" for the surgery, then kept on walking.


The hospital is right next to a university - my alma mater, in fact - and there's university parking on the street between the hospital and university campuses. This morning I saw this on the windshields of all the cars parked there:

The "vs." aspect represents a false dichotomy, as the existence of one doesn't negate the existence of the other...unless you're talking about a very specific creation story, which most "Intelligent Design" proponents disingenuously insist they are not doing.
It is, they say, merely a coincidence that the people who support the idea of Intelligent Design are overwhelmingly Christian, and that ID doesn't support any specific creation account.
Of course, what they fail to consider is that even if they found some irrefutable evidence that the universe was created exactly as the account of its creation is presented in the Bible, it still wouldn't prove that Christians are right, but rather, that the Jews are.
I'm sure that would go over like a fart in the synagogue church...

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