Monday, November 08, 2010

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This morning one of the heart surgeons came in - briefly - and, in addition to simply showcasing his winning personality* for my mother and I, he said that they're shooting for Thursday to perform the surgery.
Of course, there is still (Note: Dammit!) the issue of the internal bleeding - which they can't look for or do anything about, given her overall condition - but her hemoglobin levels are staying stable, so it may be that the blood that's showing up is old. Certainly she doesn't appear to be losing much blood.
He left before I could ask any questions.**
So hopefully Thursday will be the day.
In the meantime, she's doing well. Numbers all look good, and she's pretty much her normal self.
As for me, I'm tired, my back hurts, my skin is incredibly dry and my lips are painfully chapped - this hospital air is terrible on the skin - and I miss my house, my bed, my TV, and especially my main computer and Cintiq.
At least my mom is able to talk, so that helps with some of the boredom at least.
I have to assume that, since they're planning to move forward with the surgery, they've assessed the risks and have a plan for dealing with the potential stroke, though, again, I didn't get to ask any questions. My sister said the other surgeon will most likely pop in at some point - he was actually performing surgery this morning.

*I'm being sarcastic, of course. He never even said his name. Bedside manner seems to be in short supply around here, at least with some of the heart specialists, which is kind of ironic; the doctors who mend hearts seem to be the most heartless. The Critical Care doctor was very nice - "Call me Nicole" - if, as my sister put it, a bit of a "tree-hugger" in terms of her demeanor and appearance. The nurse said that the doctor who's on today is also very nice.

**He basically came in said, "We're planning the surgery for Thursday." My mom mentioned that she's still bleeding. He looked at me, and said, "Are you her family?" I said that I was her son, and he said, in response to my mom's comment, "Well, that's a whole problem in itself. We'll have to try to take care of that." Then he turned and headed out the door saying, "She's got a lot of problems."

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Merlin T Wizard said...

Doctors like that really piss me off. I'm sure they have reasons, but I can't imagine any of them making that kind of attitude acceptable.

Glad your mom is feeling better. I hope the bleeding clears up and everything goes well.