Saturday, October 09, 2010

New Cosplay Pic

Here's another Baltimore Comic-Con cosplayer. This time it's Wonder Girl:

Or at least an interesting variation thereof. The particular Wonder Girl I'm assuming this is meant to be - a young woman named Cassandra Sandsmark, who is the daughter of Zeus - has never, to my knowledge, worn a costume quite like this. At one point she wore this truly hideous ensemble consisting of a leather jacket, a black wig, and, for some reason, goggles. These days she's more typically seen dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a shirt with a stylized logo on it.
I'm assuming this is meant to be Cass, and not Donna Troy, at least.
If you know the young woman pictured here, please send her my way, as I would be happy to provide her with a printable copy of this image (assuming she's interested). And if you are the young woman pictured here, well, you've just seen the offer of the free copy...

Here's a video of some news coverage of the Con, which features a quick sound bite from Wonder Girl:

During the bit at the end with GI Joe cosplayers, I'm actually standing off-camera.

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