Saturday, September 04, 2010

That I CAN Do

When I made my little video slideshow of pictures from the Con, I mentioned in the slide with the picture of the Rogue cosplayer that I'd taken a picture of another person who was dressed as Rogue, but that it hadn't turned out. (It's a blurry mess)
Because I can't ever seem to get it to work when I try to post videos directly, I uploaded the video to my YouTube account, which had previously only been home to one of the Heroic Portraits ads, which tells you how often I post videos there.
(I am, as should be apparent, neither much of a photographer nor much of a videographer.)
Given that, as a result, my YouTube page gets even less traffic than Threshold - and even less than Heroic Portraits, which is really saying something - I was surprised when I got an e-mail telling me that someone had commented on the video.
Turns out it was a comment from the "other" Rogue, who remembered me. (That still strikes me as odd, because while I may be many things, memorable typically isn't one of them.)
After reading her comment - and her follow-up comment in which she explained that remembered me because I look like Chris Gore, on whom she has a "mad crush" (Note: !) - and found that she posts video reviews of comics. From there I went on to her site and found that she had lots of cosplay pictures posted, so naturally I snagged as many of them as I could, and got to work on painting her.
Because while I wasn't able to photograph her as Rogue, painting her as Rogue is something I can do:

The lovely lady in question is named Amber, and her YouTube page can be found here, and her site (some of which is NSFW, just as an FYI) can be found here.
I gotta tell you, I impressed the hell out of myself with this picture. It came out so much better than I could have hoped or expected.
(Of course, as you know, I'm never satisfied with my work, so I'll mention that I could be happier with the jacket, but that thing was a colossal pain to paint as it was, so that's as good as it's going to get)
Happily, Amber herself thinks that the picture is beautiful.
I'm always glad when the subject of my work actually sees it - which is seldom the case, given who my usual subjects are - though only when they, you know, actually like it. I'd be all, "Man, fuck letting my subjects see my work!" if they didn't like it.
In any case, working on that picture was how I spent most of my day, and I'm sure that you'll be seeing more pictures of Amber here in the future.


Amber Love said...

Well, I love it! So there!

Heimdall said...

Then like I said, I'm glad I was able to share it with you!
Anyway, you deserve the vast majority of the credit for being such a great subject.