Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Cosplay Pic

I've decided to do some more pictures of some of the cosplayers from the Baltimore Comic-Con. Here's Power Girl:

I made some minor alterations from the original photo, such as making the fabric of the bodysuit a kind of latex-metallic thing, altering the shape of the MCW (Magic Cleavage Window), giving her a more standard super-hero belt buckle, and tweaking her proportions just slightly to be more in line with the way PG is usually presented.
Some time after I posted this picture of the Cammy White cosplayer, the lovely young woman who appeared in costume was directed here by a friend and contacted me to let me know that she loved the picture.
So that was cool.
I'm thinking about adding a "Cosplay and LARP" section to Heroic Portraits, with the idea being that I would offer a discount to cosplayers and LARPers who just want a Portrait of themselves in their costumes. I figure it saves me at least some amount of work, as it then becomes a more straightforward act of painting, so it's worth a discount.
How can I afford to slash prices? Voume, volume, volume! That's right; I have no volume when it comes to customers, so I've pretty much got no choice but to slash prices...
In any case, as I did for Allison, the Cammy cosplayer, I will happily provide a free print of the Power Girl print to the young woman in the original picture. So, if you know her, send her my way, and if you are her, shoot me an e-mail at portraitsATheroicportraitsDOTcom.

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