Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Good, The Not-So Good, And The Naughty

So here are some pictures I've done recently, two of them good, one not-so good. One of the good ones is naughty and totally NSFW, and thus only a link is provided.

Up first is a picture of the lovely Amber Love looking, well, lovely:

Next is a picture of one of the ladies who was cosplaying as Ms. Marvel at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Specifically, the one I didn't get my picture taken with:

All things considered, it's a decent picture, but I'm not entirely happy with it. The main problem with it is that the source image was a screen capture from a YouTube video rather than an actual photograph. There are better pictures of her out there that I could have used - and likely will use at some point to draw a better picture - but none of her in this pose, and, for a variety of reasons apart from the obvious reason, I really liked this pose.
I was going to do a picture of the other Ms. Marvel from the Con - and, again, most likely will - to post along with this one, but I've had this one finished for a while, so it was bothering me that it was sitting on my hard drive unposted.
However, the third, not safe for work picture, is of yet another Ms. Marvel. I've joined a site called Cosplay Deviants (also NSFW). As the name sort of implies, the site features pictures of people in - and out of - costume.
One of the "Deviants" there by the name of Kandie did a set as Ms. Marvel. And while I really liked the costume, it was one of the, err, de-costumed pictures that I really liked and decided to draw (and sent to her, as it turned out - I had not idea when I was working on the picture - on her birthday; happily, she loved it, and gave me permission to post it).
The picture, which, again, is not at all safe for work, can be seen here.
And that's it for completed pictures for right now. I should probably be doing some work on some sample images of kids (and families - another popular request) for Heroic Portraits, but the odds are I'm going to work on a picture of Nadia.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

I think you're being too hard on yourself on the Ms. Marvel pic. It looks pretty good to me. Have you found an address to send it to so you can get a personal opinion?