Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Keyword Kraziness: Krappy Joke Edition

anal numming dildoes widing

I'm not sure what this person was looking for - he or she almost certainly didn't find it here - but that quaint misspelling of "numbing" reminded me of a terrible joke my dad used to tell.*

A beautiful woman is at a gynecologist for the first time, and is feeling some trepidation about her exam. She's lying on the table with her feet up in the stirrups, and she asks the doctor, "Will it hurt?"
The doctor solicitously responds, "Well, I can numb it for you, if you'd like."
"Yes, please!"


The joke really only works - if it can be said to work at all - if told in person, as the "numming" needs to be accompanied by pantomiming oral sex.

*Like any of the jokes my dad told weren't terrible. However, I inherited his appreciation for the art of the terrible joke.

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