Friday, July 23, 2010

A Conversation

Via IM:

Me: with so much available to find fault with when it comes to MS, it annoys me when people - especially in the tech media - have to spin everything MS does to try to make it look evil.
Scott: M$ lover
Me: hitler
Me: boom!
Scott: dammit, beat me to it.
Me: went all godwin on your ass!
Scott: I was going to say, Hitler loved Microsoft...
Me: coulda shoulda woulda
Scott: yup
Me: aaaaannnnnd....boner
Scott: know who did love M$? Stalin.
Scott: And Pol Pot
Scott: And Kim Jong Il
Scott: Yeah...
Scott: Oh, and Saddam
Scott: And Osama
Me: but not Satan
Me: even he's afraid of MS
Scott: That's because Bill Gates usurped his throne.
Me: dammit!
Me: something more evil than MS and all the people you mentioned combined just popped into my head:
Me: hollaback girl
Scott: Hm, that is pretty bad.
Scott: But Tik Tok is worse.
Me: true
Scott: Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy...
Me: but hollaback girl is maintaining dominance simply because i heard it more often
Me: wonder if anyone's done a mashup? i think that's the sort of thing that would awaken the great old ones.
Scott: heh, yeah
Me: then we'd all be envying the dead...though we do that anyway when we hear tik tok or hollaback girl.

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