Friday, October 09, 2009

Random Quick Shots

When Dan and I went to lunch yesterday he had gotten his food and went to find us a table while I waited for my food to be ready (he gets what I call preferential Asian treatment from the mostly-Asian staff; no matter what he orders or when, he always gets his food before I get mine).
Once I got to the table I noticed a woman at a nearby table looking rather distressed, while several men were hovering around her solicitously. Eventually the men put a bunch of chairs together and laid her out across them.
I looked over, then looked back, and Dan said, "She's having chest pains."
Eventually the paramedics arrived - it can't be good for business to have paramedics at your cafe at lunchtime - and began tending to her.
As we were walking back, Dan said that when she had just been sitting there looking miserable some guy came up to her and yelled "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!"
Apparently he was actually trying to be sympathetic but just panicked, but Dan said it initially came off like he was saying, "You do this everywhere we go! Fuckin' drama queen!"
This made me LOL.


Lately, for the hell of it more than anything else, I've been spiking my hair with gel in the morning.
On Wednesday when I stopped by my boss' office to say welcome back, she commented on my hair, and then said to her boss, who was checking in with her, "I leave the office for a while and Jon's hair stands on end!"


One problem with spiking my hair is that it limits my hair's ability to serve as an impromptu towel if I spill something on my hands.


(During our little get-together to have cake and welcome back the boss)
Co-Worker 1: When she gets here, should we sing something? Like "For she's a jolly good fellow," maybe?
Co-Worker 2: I don't know the words to that.
Co-Worker 1: What? It's just, you know, "for she's a jolly good fellow, for she's..."
Co-Worker 2: (Shaking her head and looking hopelessly confused) No...I don't...I've never...
Co-Worker 1: But..I...everyone's just, "For she's a -"
Co-Worker 2: (Realizing that sarcastically playing dumb isn't getting the point across) No singing!

(For the record, I'm increasingly coming to think that Co-Worker 2 is awesome.)

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