Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There's so much that's come out of the whole WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS thing that's meme-worthy, such as the assorted additional incohrent responses that have come from Brickehousebunny21 in reaction to his Internet fame.
For example, there's the threat of "banning us for life" from...something (The furry fan fiction site his story was posted on? The Internet?), that he recently made over at Topless Robot:

Everyone here is in trouble now, I just sent a message to a site mod from
Yiffstar and if this site doesn't delete all traces of this story or if anyone
here doesn't get rid of this little joke they've made out of this story in three
days, everyone here will be banned for life just like I've warned everyone else
here like before, don't bother trying to lie to the site mods to save your own
skins because the site mods are on my side and there's nothing you can do about
it, they've already found out who Rob Bricken is and they're on my side as we
speak, they agreed in three days time everyone here will be banned if the big
boss behind all this doesn't get rid of all traces of this little joke they've
posted, this is your last warning, I've warned you all but you didn't listen,
deleting any evidance won't do you any good either, I've shown every piece of
evidance to the site mods and it's all over for everyone here and Rob Bricken,
if everyone here doesn't follow the warning and get rid of this in three days,
than judgement day will come for everyone here and Rob Bricken, even if you had
nothing to do with it, I don't care and the mods agree with me, you have three
days and if this isn't gone when I get back, the mods will ban everyone here,
even making all the bad comments won't do you any good. You all have three days
or else.

You go, Brickehousebunny21. You'll get us all banned someday. That'll show us all that we responsible this.
In any case, so many people have put together great images based on his initial rant, and I'm a bit late to the party, so I decided to focus on one of the more charming misspellings from his most recent response.
Thus, I present to you The Evidance:

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Merlin T Wizard said...

I'm one of your many fans and I lvoe this! You are truly the best of the best!