Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Pics Yet

Drove down to Manassas after work to show Scott and Stacy the new car (and to have dinner).
Stopped at Best Buy on the way back to pick up a car adapter and AUX input cable for the iPod so that I can hook it up to the car, then came home to see a bunch of smoke billowing skyward from the end of my street, which explained all the sirens I was hearing.
Not sure what was burning. At first I thought it might be the car dealership nearby, but upon closer inspection it looked like it was the car wash.
I'm sure Brian will have all of the details on his blog at some point.
It would have been kind of ironic if it had been the car dealership, as that's where I bought my Kia. I "burned" them by not giving them repeat business, and then they literally got burned.
Not that I have anything against them, it's just...well, irony.
Anyway, lots of gawkers and looky-loos made their way to my street to get a peek, but there wasn't much that you could see through the trees.
I meant to take some pictures of the car while it was still ligbht out, but after talking to my mom it was starting to get dark, so instead I decided to go through the Bluetooth pairing with my phone. It's pretty damn cool, though the process of entering phone numbers is kind of a pain. It should be able to import your contacts from the phone.
Oh well.
Anyway, I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow, including some pictures I took of the fire.

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