Sunday, March 01, 2009

Now With Pictures

After talking to my mother this morning I went out and did some stuff, came home, sat down, finally got around to watching Friday night’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold – Hey Cartoon Network, do you have something against girls? Let’s see Batman teaming up with some heroines (the brief cameos by Fire don’t really count). How about some Power Girl, or Hawkgirl, or Manhunter, or The Rose and the Thorn, or Black Canary? So far, besides Fire, we’ve only had Katana playing much of a part in the action. – and then, musing on how rapidly time flies, I said, “Well, I should get up and do something; it’s already 10 PM.”
Obviously it wasn’t – it wasn’t quite 2 PM – but my point was that it might as well have been given how quickly my available free time disappears. Shouldn’t I be having fun with the way that time is flying?
Eventually I decided that I should put together the bookcase, so I got to work on that.
I’m not sure that it’s in its permanent position yet, as I’m planning to do some additional reorganizing in the office – including the eventual addition of a drafting/drawing table – and I haven’t actually put much on the shelves yet, but at least it’s put together.
I’m too lazy to write up the post I’d intended to write detailing my some of my experiences with people in the comic book industry that was inspired by that story I posted the link to about the guy who went to the DC Comics offices as a kid. My stories aren’t anywhere near as cool or interesting, and most of the people who know me have probably heard them already anyway, but somewhere along the line I’ll write it up.
In any case, here are the pictures of my new office furniture:

The recently-assembled bookcase.

The new office furniture, with a focus on the new chair.

The desk, chair, and printer cart.

Bonus Picture: I remain amazed that those little disks actually work as advertised. Or, more to the point, that they actually work for me.

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Ryland said...

Lovely pictures of those office furniture!! Great choice!!