Monday, March 16, 2009

A Facebook Broadcast Premiere

I've been trying in vain to get my Cintiq demonstration video to post here.
The video upload progress thing just keeps spinning and it's clear that nothing is actually happening. No idea why, and, of course, the Internet failed miserably at providing any help.
The video is in an accepted format - .wmv - and, at about 7 MB is well below the 100 MB file size limit. I've tried uploading it in multiple browsers - including Google Crhome - with no luck, so I'm forced to conclude that the Blogger video upload feature sucks.
In any case, I posted it to Facebook. It's set to be viewable by "everyone," but I'm not sure if that includes people who aren't on Facebook, but, if you're dying to see it, click on the link to my Facebook profile and give it a shot.
(Hmm, the answer appears to be, "No, people who aren't on Facebook can't see it.")
Not much new or interesting happened today, or, really, since the last time I posted anything substantial.
I went to work, stopped at the Chiropractor on the way home, got home, sat down and watched some recorded TV, dozed in the chair, ate some kind of dinner, watched more TV, posted the video to Facebook, and that pretty much covers it.

Jon's Understatement of the Day Department:
At the Chiropractor, the doctor performed an adjustment that led to a whole lot of cracking and popping and hurt like hell. I summed up the experience by saying, "Well, that was unpleasant."

Putting Cute Animals In Their Place Department:
Scott directed me to this site today, a blog devoted to viciously tearing into various animals for daring to be so goddamned adorable. It's a bizarre concept that's brilliantly executed. Warning: contains language.

The Gaiman Report Department:
Author Neil Gaiman will be the guest on tonight's episode of The Colbert Report. What more do you need to know?

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