Wednesday, July 16, 2008

25% Ass

Today was one of those days that dragged.
Usually the morning goes by pretty fast – I get in, do some stuff, look up, and suddenly it’s 10:00 – and the afternoon drags, but at one point I was convinced that it must be at least 10:00, but I looked up and it was only 8:30.
Oddly enough, though, the afternoon went by a little faster than usual.
As things are back on their regular schedule, I stopped by the comic shop on my way home, then got a sub from the Subway next to it.
I’ll be honest with you; I really don’t feel like writing an entry.
However, I probably won’t be posting anything tomorrow, so I thought I should make at least a quarter-assed attempt tonight.
Maybe I’ll give you the remaining 75% of my ass on Friday.


Merlin T Wizard said...

I saw the title of this post and I thought that you were discussing revelatory insights about yourself. Ah well.

Heimdall said...

Hmm...I suppose that could work, but I'm not sure the percentages would work out.
I'm not saying that I'm not 25% Ass, it's just that the overwhelming majority of my personality is dominated by "Isolated Weirdo."
I suppose it could work out to something like:

Isolated Weirdo: 75%
Ass: 25%

That assumes, though, that you further break the "Ass" component down into the different varieties, such as Smart, Lazy, Dumb, and Jack. I'm not sure what the specific breakdown is there, though, and I would suspect that the numbers are rather variable. For example, on one day I might be more of a jackass, which would alter the percentage, while on another day I might be almost all smart-ass.

Merlin T Wizard said...

Good point. Though I'm sure we could work out an average on the ass types. Also, I think you've put too much into Isolated Weirdo. Don't forget the Raging Geek and Uber Nerd categories. I think those would take up a large percentage of my composition, at least.

Word verification: djznaztt
No way, THE DJ Z NazTT? The nastiest DJ ever to come out of Compton?

Um, yeah, add a little more to my Raging Geek percentage there.