Sunday, February 24, 2008

Whirlwind Of Excitement

It’s been a pretty uneventful weekend, though I suppose that pretty much goes without saying.
Yesterday I got a haircut, then went grocery shopping.
The color had pretty well faded from my hair, and I was sort of on the fence about whether or not I was going to bother coloring it again, but given that the directions said that the best time to use the stuff is just after getting a haircut, I thought, “Oh, what the hell,” and bought another package of it.
So once again my hair a kind of golden brown, with slightly more golden bits around the temples and at the front, as the whitest bits of my gray hair simply will not achieve the same color as the rest.
I’ve spent most of today making half-hearted attempts at working on various pictures without any real progress or success, and I just realized that I actually need to do the laundry today.
And that pretty well sums up my weekend.
One of these days I have to dig through my various papers and find my savings account statements and my personal property tax statement and get my taxes done. I could probably just do them myself, but I might as well pay someone else to do them for me, simply because I can.
AOL apparently has paid out the employee bonus, so that’s some extra money I should be getting. 2007 was the first year that people at my pay level qualified to receive the bonus at the next annual review, and part of the separation agreement for those of us who got laid off was that we would still receive our bonus, so I should hopefully be seeing that money soon.
I finally got around to activating the 6 month Netflix gift subscription I got from my brother Brad for Christmas, and my first movie – Hollywoodland – arrived yesterday, though I haven’t watched it yet.
I think I may do that now.


lbugsh2 said...

You should make Scott come watch movie's with you now. He needs to get out more.

Heimdall said...

Hmm...sounds to me like what you're saying that you need him to get out more.