Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Giving The People What They Want

The other day I decided that I needed a new profile picture for Facebook, and given that I'm rarely photographed by other people, and there was no one around, I opted to go the selfie route.
I took several shots, but there was only one than I actually liked.  Unfortunately, due to my shaky Frankenstein hands, it turned out rather blurry.
I ran it through Photoshop, using the "Shake Reduction" filter, and while that did make it a bit sharper, it also added a lot of noise.
Then I thought, "Wait, don't I like, draw, or whatever?  Didn't I take the selfie while I was drawing?"
So I decided that there was enough detail in the blurry pic to use it as a reference to draw my own selfie-portrait.
I then made it my profile picture, and I found it interesting that it rapidly became the most "liked' drawing I've ever posted to Facebook.
That's...weird, I think.
It's also kind of disheartening, in a way.  I mean, it's nice that my friends like the picture of me, but, while it is pretty well done, I've done better, or at least I've posted pictures that I've been prouder of than this one, and yet many of those get no likes at all.
Of course, maybe the lesson is that I should give up on drawing Scarlett Johansson, and Eve Angel, and other beautiful women and assorted comic book characters and focus entirely on self-portraits.  It seems to be what the people want...

And who can blame them?  Rawr!

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