Saturday, March 29, 2014

Too Clever By Half

As mentioned, I ordered a copy of Manga Studio 5 to install on the Surface Pro 2.
Unfortunately, they no longer sell it via download, so I had to order a physical copy.  Fortunately, I ordered it through Amazon at a substantial savings – almost half of the current 40% off sale price when buying it direct from Smith-Micro.
The unfortunate aspect of having to buy a physical copy is that the Surface Pro 2 doesn’t have any sort of DVD drive.
I do, however, have a spare external Blu ray burner, so I hooked that up, but the installation for that is unnecessarily complex, and I couldn’t find the installation guide, so I wasn’t able to get it to install from the DVD.
However, last night I installed an update to Manga Studio on Odin, and I realized that the downloadable “updates” are actually full installation files rather than just a patch.  You just have to provide a valid serial number in order to be able to download the updates, so I went to the update site on the Surface Pro 2 – just “the Surface” going forward – entered the serial number from my new DVD, downloaded it, and successfully installed it.
I’m so clever!
In the process of installing it, though, I learned that the license for MS5 allows you to install it on two computers, with the limitation that you can’t have both copies open at the same time.  (My Adobe Creative Cloud subscription has the same licensing terms, which is how I have Photoshop installed on the Surface and on Odin).
So, even though I got the software for about 75% less than what I paid for it the first time I bought it (not counting my later upgrade to the EX version, which I didn’t bother with for the Surface), I still ended up paying more money than I really needed to.
I’m too clever!
Oh well.  In any case, I now have MS5 on the Surface, and will begin experimenting with doing some actual drawing on it.

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