Friday, December 06, 2013

The Only Way To Win Is Not To Play

The Universe:  Hey, Jon, wanna play a game?
Me:  No.  Especially not with you.
The Universe:  You're no fun.  No wonder no one likes you.
Me:  That's not - you know what?  I don't care.
Me:  Besides, you have plenty of fun with me.  Or more accurately, at my expense.
The Universe:  C'maaaannnn!  I'll let you win.
Me:  No.  Even when I win, I lose.
The Universe:  But you're so good at this one!  You're like a grandmaster or something.
Me: ...what game is it?
The Universe:  "Will Jon Do The Exact Thing He Was Trying Not To Do?"
Me:  I hate that game.
The Universe:  Well, you're already playing it.  And guess what?  You won!
Me:  Dammit.
The Universe:  And lost!

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