Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I Might Be Missing Something

There was an e-mail in my spam folder earlier with the following subject line:


My immediate thought was, "But I'm allergic to cats, so really, the cost is irrelevant.  Free or not, I have no use for such access."
I mean, seriously, that would be way too many cats for me.  I can't even imagine how many there must be in Leesburg.
And how do they arrange that, anyway?   Would I go to people's houses and demand the free access to their cats that I'm, apparently, entitled to?  "I demand to see your cats!"
Or is it like a weekly thing, where like on Saturdays - Caturdays - they all bring their cats to a central location?
"This Saturday at the Dulles Convention Center:  The Cats of Leesburg!  Access is free!"
Is it remote access, like those panda cams I hear people talking about?
And is this some sort of requirement for cat ownership?  "By adopting this cat, you agree to provide the residents of Leesburg with free access to said cat."
I guess I should have actually read the e-mail instead of just deleting it, but, lacking any interest in cats, deleting it was my first instinct.
Still, it was damned odd.
I wonder if I might have misunderstood the subject line somehow...

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