Monday, April 15, 2013


Here are two drawings for the price* of one:

They have a "rocky" relationship!  ...I'll show myself out.

First up is a picture of Blok and the White Witch from the Legion of Super-Heroes.  One of the things I’ve always liked about LoSH has been the unlikely romances between Legionnaires, such as the one seen above between a very fragile carbon-based woman and an incredibly dense and nigh-indestructible silicon-based…well, not a man, exactly, but he is the male of his species.
In a similar vein LoSH had the unlikely pairing of Dawnstar with Wildfire, the latter of which is a bundle of sentient “anti-energy” who inhabits a vaguely human-shaped containment suit.
I guess that unlikely romances appeal to me, given that any romance, whether with someone composed of carbon, silicon, or anti-energy, seems increasingly unlikely for me...
In any case, I’m not entirely pleased with how the picture turned out – the Witch’s face is just…odd – but it’s not as though putting any more work into it would have really improved it, so there it is.
I’ve had the idea for the image in mind for a while, but I was finally prompted to draw it by a post on Legion World, a LoSH fan page on Facebook.
One of the things that makes me indescribably happy is that Legion World actually has an album dedicated to my artwork.  As difficult as it is to believe, I have fans
The album primarily consists of my Ladies of the Legion series, but on Friday the image from this post showed up on Legion World’s timeline with the caption “Legion World needs more Jon Maki!”
How could I do anything but oblige?
I do think, though, that "needs more Jon Maki" is a phrase that someone would use to activate or deactivate a doomsday device, given that it's the sort of thing you wouldn't expect anyone to say in a million years.

Yep, it's a picture, all right.

Then there’s this picture of Scarlett Johansson, which I did as kind of an experiment.
Overall, I’m pleased with it, but as is always the case, it didn’t quite turn out the way I saw it in my head.  Oh well.
(I won’t bore you with the details of what makes it an “experiment.”  Content yourself with knowing that in drawing it I deviated from my usual technique.)

Bonus Birthday Department:
Today is my brother Brad’s birthday.  He’s 50.  That…that just kind of blows my mind.  I remember when my dad turned 50.
Speaking of my dad, April 3rd would have been his 78th birthday.
On April 1st, my sister Kim turned 46.
And, of course, my 41st birthday was this past Saturday.

It wasn’t a terribly exciting day.  I spent most of it working on the Legion picture, then went out for a nice dinner with Scott, Stacy, the twins – who were so well-behaved in the restaurant that some other patron felt compelled to compliment Stacy on it before leaving – and Jamie and Casey.
Then I came home and went for a walk to work off some of the food I ate.  In particular, this:

I probably didn't actually walk long or far enough.

Then I sat around for a while, and did some more work on the picture.
Exciting stuff.
While we were waiting for the others to arrive, Jamie mentioned that’s she a bit behind on reading this blog.  I told her she wasn’t missing much, and then she, somewhat sheepishly, said that she and Scott had been discussing my blog and how most likely the two of them and my mom are probably the only people who actually read it.
I said that’s not true.  After all, my mom very rarely reads it these days…
As for the birthday gifts, I got a set of wrist weights from Jamie and Casey, and a card telling me that I was, in the short term, getting a whole lotta nothing from Scott and Stacy, as my gift had not yet been delivered.  At least that’s the story they went with…
While I was sitting around late that evening, I got a text from the (former) boss lady, who was finally getting around to responding to a text I sent her on Thursday, as she’s been extremely busy with the new gig.
So busy, I noted, that she seemed to have forgotten my birthday.  As she wasn’t making any references to it in her messages, I said, “My birthday today, btw.”
She responded, “I have it on my calendar.  Your card is sitting on my kitchen table and I am an asshole.”
I told her that I wasn’t going to disagree with her assessment.
I did actually take some time off from work in honor – or something – of my birthday, including today, but now my time is nearly up and I can guarantee that the next four days are not going to go by as rapidly as the past five did.  *Sigh*

*Yes, seeing my drawings is free, but even that price is probably too high.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

That picture of Johansson is fantastic. Whatever you did worked well.

As for your birthday gift, we were actually telling the truth. It arrived yesterday. I will hand-deliver it to you Thursday, ya crotchety old bastard.