Saturday, April 13, 2013

Heaven, Hell, And Birthdays

As has been tradition for years, Threshold encourages everyone to extend birthday wishes to Jack T. Chick, the world’s preeminent purveyor of cartoon Christianity.
While I can’t exactly say that I feel sorry for him, I’m sure it must be disappointing to add another candle to the cake and have to face the fact that, once again, he hasn’t gotten what he really wants, which is to see the rest of us get what we deserve.
Better luck next year, Jack – I’m sure 89 years feels like a long time to have to wait for a Rapture that must seem increasingly less imminent all the time, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to millennia, so just hang in there, and as you sit in front of your cake preparing to make your wish – and we all know what that wish will be – take a moment to consider all of those flickering flames and think about how someday all of us sinners will be trapped in the Lake of Fire for all eternity, wishing that we could blow out the flames as easily as you blow out those candles.
Still, I know how rough birthdays can be, especially when you don’t get the one thing you want most…
So, out of a sense of camaraderie on this day that we share in common, I will commiserate with you enough to not let out a hearty “Haw!  Haw!  Haw!” at your expense.
*Sigh*  Happy Birthday, Jack.
Threshold also sends out birthday greetings to Ron Perlman, who played a comic book demon who was a better Christian than any character in Jack’s tracts.

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