Friday, February 01, 2013


VP:  Somebody or other possibly wants you to maybe do something.  Maybe. (Note:  I’m paraphrasing, but what he actually said wasn’t much more specific than that.)
Me:  Umm, okay…

After some extensive investigation, I finally figured out the who and the what, and met with my VP to provide something of an update.

Me:  By the way, maybe I’m being unreasonable, but I don’t feel like I should have to crack the Da Vinci Code just to figure out what someone is asking me to do.  I mean, I’m trying to work in operations support here, not prevent the Riddler from robbing a bank.
VP:  Well, some of that was my fault…(continues on apologetically explaining the weird office politics of the situation)
Me:  (Thinking)  You’re not even going to crack a smile?  Come on; that was funny.  I worked in a reference to the Riddler for…*okay*

TL; DR:  My VP doesn’t appreciate my sarcasm as much as the (former) boss lady did.*

*And does.  I texted her to tell her about the exchange and she said it made her day.

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