Monday, January 28, 2013

Good News/Bad News

So the other evening I was bored at home and decided that I should go...somewhere and do...something.
Which is what I did, ultimately finding myself in an unfamiliar area and pulling into the parking garage of the local town center.
I wandered around for a while, finding that despite the unfamiliar surroundings it was just the same as any other place, with all of the same stores and restaurants, and so I decided the whole endeavor had been rather pointless and that I should just go home.
On the way back to my car I stopped at a Taco Bell to grab something to eat for when I got home.  I was subjected to terrible service, but eventually got my order and headed back to my car.
Except that, apparently, I had gotten kind of turned around and had gone in the opposite direction of where I'd left my car.  I wandered around for a while, getting more and more lost, and finding that my phone's battery was dying, so the GPS wasn't offering me much assistance in finding my way back.
It was getting dark, I was in what appeared to be a bad neighborhood, and my food was, by this time, ice cold.
At some point I realized that nothing that had happened made any sense, and I really didn't remember how I'd gotten to wherever it was that I had traveled to - and indeed, I had no idea where this "unfamiliar place" actually was - and that the last thing I remembered was climbing into bed on a Saturday afternoon to take a nap.
As I began to make my way back to consciousness, I felt the anxiety that had been building throughout my ever-worsening circumstances begin to lift.  Just a dream.
So the good news was that I was only dreaming and I was not lost in some unfamiliar and potentially dangerous place, but, as I fully regained consciousness, I realized that the bad news was that I didn't actually have any Taco Bell waiting for me once I awoke.

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