Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Wrap-Up

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot, And Never Brought To Mind? Department:
One of the things I was looking forward to the most about my time off from work - I've been off since the Friday before Christmas and won't return until the 2nd - apart from just plain not being at work, was having the opportunity to meet up with the (former) boss lady while she was in the area visiting for the holidays.
We had plans to meet for lunch the day after Christmas, but the weather decided that it had no intention of letting that happen, starting out the day with freezing rain, followed by snow, followed by more freezing rain.
So we made plans for the next day, but had to reschedule yet again for today.
I knew that she would have a lot of demands on her time while she was here.  As I put it in the text I sent her prior to her return to NoVA:

I realize I'm all the way at the back of the long line of people who want to see you while you're here, and it'll probably turn out that I'm in the wrong line, like the line to get a fishing license or something, but I am in line.  Just FYI.  Also:  Christmas presents.

After I arrived at the place we were meeting - early, of course - I laid the odds as being about 50/50 that I would be getting a text or phone call telling me that we would have to either reschedule again, or call it a miss entirely.  The odds went to 99/1 when I noticed that I had gotten a text from her.
Fortunately she was only letting me know that she was slightly delayed, which, honestly, I had pretty much thought was a given.
Always being on time is not, after all, among the many positive character traits she can lay claim to.
Sometime shortly thereafter I got a text asking me where I was - she had assumed I'd gone inside, but I was outside waiting in my car.
With that confusion out of the way, we commenced to having a nice lunch and spent time getting caught up, and I gave her the aforementioned Christmas presents, which included a Christmas pin-up picture I did for her.  As I put it, "I drew you a Christmas picture because of course I did."

Vintage style, complete with torpedo boob bikini top.

It was, of course, good to see her again, but the visit was too short, and it made me sad to think that, at best, it will probably be a year before I see her again.

The Nightmare After Christmas Department:
Among the presents I received on Christmas was Walmart gift card from Jamie and Casey.  I don't often go to Walmart, as I hate the one in Leesburg and seldom go to the one in Sterling, but, as it was on my way after I parted ways with the (former) boss lady, I decided to stop there and put it to use.
I knew it was a bad move as soon as I saw the parking lot, but I was committed to getting it over with.
Fortunately I only ended up standing in a line that wasn't moving at all for about ten minutes - after having claimed a space at the end of another very long line, only to discover that, in fact, I had cut in to the middle of a line that was even longer than I thought.  Oops. - before another register opened up and I was able to make my way out of there, with only minimal levels of PTSD.

Light Week Department:
My present from the (former) boss lady was a gift certificate for the comic shop.  In our original lunch plans, we were going to meet at a restaurant right across from the comic shop, as she was going to be in the vicinity anyway, and so, it being a Wednesday, meeting there seemed like a win-win.
Given the reschedule, going there would have been much more of a trek for her, so we had decided on another location.
In any case, because I didn't go there on Wednesday, or yesterday, for that matter, I decided I'd swing by the comic shop on the way home today and put the gift certificate to use.
Because that's the way things go, it turned out that this was the one week of the year in which nothing I actually read shipped, and I couldn't find any old reprints or anything else I wanted, so the gift went unused for now.
She had said that she wanted to buy me a statue for my collection - my gift from Scott and Stacy, by the way, was a Raven statue, which completes my set of the ladies of the original line up of The New Teen Titans - but she didn't know which ones I have.  It's probably just as well; I mean no offense, but I wouldn't trust anyone other than Scott to actually pick out something like that for me.
Also, they don't currently have anything in stock that I actually want anyway.

Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Raven, Starfire

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