Friday, September 07, 2012

From Beyond The Grave….Distance Between Us

Text exchanges with the (former) boss:

T(F)B:  I found it.  It pops up differently.
Me:  K, good.
T(F)B:  Geez.  I am an idiot.
Me:  No comment.
T(F)B: Shut it.  This is your fault.
Me:  Of course it is.

Me:  Also, enough with the encouragement to get mouthy with [my VP], Captain No Longer Here Smile with tongue out
T(F)B:  Whatever.  Man up, Maki!
Me:  I am manning up; I’m bending over and taking it like a man.
T(F)B: Debatable.
Me:  Whatever, quitter.


Me:  I’m going to surrender – I’ll shove a crayon in my brain or something.
Me:  Make myself dumb.
T(F)B: Use a steel rod.  Make it all stop.
Me:  Why are you always so keen on having me kill myself?
T(F)B: It’s what I would do.
T(F)B: There should still be a rod in my office.  In one of the drawers.
Me:  Old Lady Sullivan’s Place?  No one goes near there.  They say it’s haunted.
Me:  By failure and the Spirit of Quitting.


T(F)B: It’s ok.  I figured it out.
T(F)B: Thx tho.  U Rick
T(F)B: Rick
T(F)B: Rock
T(F)B: Geez

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