Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So Long, Farewell…

So the (former) boss was originally supposed to start her new job this past Monday, but because that would have meant driving into Florida just as a hurricane approaches – and it’s just like her to move to a hurricane-prone area in the midst of hurricane season; I think it’s a harbinger of what her new employer about to receive – her new boss told her to hold off until the 4th.
As a going-away present – which, given the timing, will ultimately end up being a housewarming present – I told her that I wanted to do a proper, non-Heroic, portrait of her.
Towards that end, we had to set up some time for me to take some pictures of her.
Originally we were planning to do it last Friday, after her last day, but her last day ended up being longer than expected, and so there was no time.
We then decided that she would come to my house on the Saturday while her condo was being shown to prospective buyers, but early Saturday morning she texted me to say that we needed to reschedule, as she had forgotten about other plans.  Sunday wouldn’t work, as she was going to be out of town.
Based on my schedule, I let her know that Tuesday or Wednesday evening would work best, and ultimately we decided that there was a perfect opportunity on Wednesday afternoon, as I had no meetings scheduled, and she had to drop her car off at a garage to get some work done, and that way she wouldn’t have to sit around there waiting.
So I picked her up and we headed off to her place.  We were nearly there when she realized she’d left her house key back at the garage…
After a quick U-turn, we retrieved her key we finally made it to her place.
I’ve never really worked with a model before, apart from that one “open draw” I went to several years ago, and one time when I asked my ex-wife to pose for me.  The latter experience was never repeated again, because it had not gone well, as she was a total bitch about it for some reason and did nothing but complain the whole time.
Anyway, while there was nothing at all risqué about the pictures I took of the (former) boss, it still felt pretty awkward.  Just trying to explain how I wanted her to pose felt weird in a way that I can’t quite articulate.
Still, it was fun, and it was nice to be able to see her one last time and for us to be able to say our goodbyes.

To be honest – and, I think, to the surprise of no one – there was a lot more I could have, and maybe should have, said to her than just goodbye, but…well, let’s just leave that where it is.
In any case, the boss is gone, but won’t be forgotten, and somewhere along the line I’ll have to get to work on painting a portrait that will do her justice, and hopefully it won’t be too long before she has a place to hang it.
So long, Boss Lady.


lbugsh2 said...

Just thought I would say I love you sweetie.

Jamie McCoard said...

I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet her on your getting older day. If she reads this I say 'BEST WISHES and have a great journey'.


Jon-Paul Maki said...

Back at you, ladybug.

Jamie: I'm glad you did, too. Interestingly enough.

Jon-Paul Maki said...

Huh, looks like I left an incomplete thought in my comment. I meant to say, to Jamie, interestingly enough, I just noticed the other day that you and the (former) boss share a "getting older day."