Saturday, July 21, 2012


Tuesday evening found me flying out of Dulles to Austin, Texas.
Wednesday morning found me doing a presentation – along with my VP and other members of his organization – about what it is that I and my team do to members of the Regional leadership.
(The boss is on vacation, so I had to go in her stead.)
Afterwards, I split from the group and skipped out on the planned dinner, as I was meeting up with my brother Brad, who drove up to Austin to hang out with me.
Thursday morning found me flying out of Austin and back to Dulles.
In theory, at least.  Weather caused a delay, so it was the early afternoon by the time we left.
The cruel part was that even though I was back at Dulles, I wasn’t going home, as we were continuing on to Syracuse to make the presentation all over again to the leadership there on Friday.
We weren’t certain that we were going to make our connecting flight to Syracuse, as the delayed departure had us landing at Dulles about 20 minutes before our flight – which was on the concourse at the exact opposite end of where we’d landed – was scheduled to take off.  We’d gotten added to the standby list on a later flight – which another member of the team was taking to get to Syracuse for the meeting – but we weren’t really expecting that to pan out.
Luckily – I guess – our connecting flight was also delayed, and so we had time to spare, and landed in Syracuse sometime around 7:30 PM.
Friday morning we had the meeting, which ran into the late afternoon, and then we headed to the airport to make our way home.
That flight was delayed, too, despite the insistence of the woman at the counter that it was “on time.”  Seriously, she didn’t stop saying that it was on time, despite the fact that the plane had yet to arrive, until about five minutes before we were supposed to be leaving.
Regardless, we got on the (packed) flight out of Syracuse, landed at Dulles, I eventually found my car – I wrote down what lot and row it was in, but failed to account for just how long the row was – and made my way home.
So the past four days have been:  Virginia>Texas>Virginia>New York>Virginia.

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lbugsh2 said...

Now see if you had my flying luck every connection you had would have been missed or canceled. Ask Scott about my inability to fly decently.