Saturday, June 02, 2012

Scarlett Sin

There was a recent announcement that the sequel to Sin City has a release date of October, 2013.
This is good news for me, as I've been eagerly anticipating the sequel for years now.
It's even better news for me, because it's titled A Dame To Kill For, as the centerpiece of the movie - which, like the original, will consist of adaptations of several Sin City stories - is based on the "yarn" of that same name, and Dame is my absolute favorite tale of that rough little town officially known as Basin City.
I've long maintained that in any adaptation of that particular yarn, the part of Ava Lord - the titular* Dame - should be played by Scarlett Johansson.
This is, to me, such an obvious fact that it requires no evidence, but even so, here is a Sin Citified image of Scarlett, and while it's immediately apparent that I'm no Frank Miller, it should be noted that, these days, neither is Frank Miller:

"What, are you dense?  Are you retarded or something?  Who the hell do you think I am?  I'm the goddamn Dame to Kill For."
*I said "titular."

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