Saturday, June 02, 2012

Jon And I Don’t Get Along Part 9,567

(Getting ready for work the other morning, I decided I should bring the power cord and docking station for the tablet with me to work.)
Me:  I should buy another docking station so that I can have one at home and one at work.
Also Me:  Then fucking do it, tough guy.
Me:  Maybe I will.
Also Me:  Maybe you should.
Me:  Maybe you should kiss my ass.
Also Me:  Maybe I will…after I kick it.


(E-mail exchange with the boss)
Boss:  Remember that your weekly accomplishments are due by COB today.
Me:  They were due by COB yesterday, and I already provided mine.
Boss:  Shut up.
Me:  You should set up an Outlook Rule that automatically replies to every e-mail from me with a message telling me to shut up, or calling me an idiot, or both.
Boss:  Good idea.
Me:  Of course, I would actually have to set it up for you.
Boss:  True.


I’ve got three weeks of the “Captain America Workout” out of the way, with one more to go.
I don’t think I’ll be beating up any Nazis or taking on Ultron anytime soon, but I have made some substantial, noticeable gains in terms of muscle mass.  My shoulders and chest are visibly larger and more defined, and the scale tells me that I’ve gained nine pounds.
Of course, the scale also tells me that I’ve experienced a 4% increase in body fat, as if to say, “Who are you going to believe?  Me, or your lying eyes?”
Given that losing 45 pounds only represented a 6% decrease in body fat (per the same scale), it seems unlikely that I’ve gone up by almost that much by putting on a fifth of that.  I mean, even if it were nine pounds of fat, which, given the way I look and feel (and the way my clothes fit), it’s clear that it isn’t fat, I can’t see how I could possibly have jumped up that much.


So it turns out that I was correct when I said that it would not be Superman (or Batman) that DC outed as its most prominent gay character, but I was also incorrect when I speculated that it would be Wonder Woman.
I was closer to the mark when I used Jay Garrick as an example of a prominent (to comic fans) character, as it turns out that newly-outed gay character is Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.  (Not the one portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in the recent GL movie)
To be fair, while I didn’t mention him, I had actually considered the possibility.
To be even more fair, at the time of my speculation, I wasn’t aware that DC had explicitly stated that 1. It was a male character and 2. It was a character who had not yet made an appearance in any of the New 52 titles.
Had I known those things, my suspicion that it would be Alan Scott would have been worth mentioning.
As it is, I never got back to the subject, as I was distracted by other things, and, really, my speculation as to how it could be Superman (kinda-sorta) after all, turns out to be irrelevant anyway, though ultimately, had DC gone that route, the net effect would have been the same (alternate universe, basically).
You can read more about Alan, and the outing here.  I have to say that, within the context of the New 52, the rationale for choosing Alan makes a fair amount of sense.
I have, as noted, no objection to making Alan (or any character, really) gay, but while I understand that comics are a business, I’m a little annoyed (though not surprised) by the “stunt” aspect of it.
Further, while I think that adding characters who represent the diversity of real life is a good thing, ultimately, this isn’t really a net gain, given that a pre-existing gay character has been lost.
So overall, it’s kind of a push.

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