Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Muscle Memory

(While resting in the midst of a dumbbell fly set)
Me:  (To my muscles)  Look, I don't want to do this any more than you do, but the fact is, we're doing it.  So just suck it up and get through it, and then you can go back to not growing or getting any stronger as a result of this wasted effort.  Deal?
So that's kind of the thing.  Increasingly, I begin to suspect that when I recover from a workout, that's literally all I'm doing:  recovering.  As in, getting back to exactly where I was before I started the workout.
All I'm really doing is providing a minor inconvenience to my muscles, which gives them an excuse to ache for a little while before just getting back to normal (or slightly less than normal).
The term "Sisyphean" comes to mind...
Of course, it's pretty well applicable to most other aspects of my life beyond my attempts at getting into better shape...

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