Saturday, February 25, 2012

Piece Of Cake

(At the comic shop)
Owner:  What would it take to get you to come in here on a Wednesday?
Me:  Uhh…?
Cute Girl:  Cake?  I bet cake will do it.
Owner:  Would you come in on a Wednesday if there were cake?
Me:  I…what?
Owner:  How about if there’s cake, it’s Superman’s birthday, it’s a Leap Year, and it will be our 15th year in business?  Will that get you to come in on a Wednesday?
Me:  (Looks at calendar on phone)  Sure, I guess that will be enough to get me to come in on a Wednesday.
Owner:  Good!  We just want to do something to thank you for your part in keeping us in business.

1 comment:

lbugsh2 said...

Cake is good but nothing is better than super girl cake.