Sunday, February 05, 2012

Magnificent Desolation

So the empty aisles at the grocery store were even more beautiful than I imagined they would be.
I wish every day were the Super Bowl.
I seriously just smiled the whole time from the drive there until well after I got home.
At the best of times, I don’t even like grocery shopping that much, but this…it was fantastic.
I’m actually still in a pretty good mood.
Also, while I was there I managed to find a suitable, inexpensive desk, and, as a bonus, it was probably the easiest bit of furniture assembly I’ve ever encountered.  (I was shopping at Super Target, which is a regular Target store + grocery store.)
And I was whistling a happy tune while I was assembling it.  Seriously, a lack of traffic and crowds can work wonders.
I picked up some cheap speakers while I was at it, and have set the desk up as a workstation for the slate and its docking station.
So overall it was a good day.

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lbugsh2 said...

I died of shock you happy. Makes me burst with happy knowing you were happy.