Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year, Same Jon

As is always the case when I take off the last part of the year from work – there’s really no reason to be there, as there’s nothing going on, and the place is a ghost town – I had a checklist of tasks I wanted to accomplish during my largely-uninterrupted time at home.
(As an aside, when I’m at work, my life seemingly revolves around checklists to an ever-increasing extent, and when I’m away from work, I don’t seem to be able to escape them.)
This is probably as close as I get to making resolutions.
So how did I do?
Ehh, better than I did last year, I think.

Things I accomplished:

Thoroughly cleaning the house
Drawing my annual holiday images for Threshold
Maintaining a regular workout routine
At least starting on fulfilling the art request I got from Jamie
Bagging and boarding the comics I’ve accumulated since the last time I bagged and boarded

Things I partially accomplished:

Rearranging/organizing the house

Things I didn’t even start on:

Editing and revising my 2009 and 2011 NaNoWriMo novels
Organizing my comics
Becoming independently wealthy
Gaining super powers
Getting back into a regular blogging groove, with meaningful and insightful posts
Quitting smoking, or at least fully moving to the electronic cigarettes
Making some additional updates/changes to
Getting a long overdue oil change

So, yeah, not really great, but probably better than previous years.
Ultimately, I may have been a bit too ambitious.  I mean, organizing my comics?  That’s probably completely outside the realm of possibility.
Some of the things on my list I didn’t accomplish simply because I lacked resources.  For example, I couldn’t find a radioactive spider anywhere (though I did find several dead, presumably non-radioactive ones in the course of cleaning the house), and the rearranging/organizing of the house was kind of dependent on having an easy way to dispose of some of the…stuff that’s just cluttering up the place, like all of the things in my Closet of Forgotten Technology, which will need to be hauled to some sort of electronics recycling facility.
Conversely, while there’s stuff I need to get rid of, there’s also stuff I need to acquire in order to rearrange things.  For example, I really need a new desk for my office (though, of course, that also means getting rid of my old desk), and I need some new shelving and storage, but until tax/bonus time rolls around, my budget is rather constrained.
Then there are – as is the story of my life – the mistakes I’ve made in the past that come back to haunt me.  As a for instance, I probably should have set up my office in the larger guest bedroom, but now, with the way things arranged, it would be difficult to completely shuffle things around.
Beyond that, there’s the fact that I have longer-term plans for how I want the house arranged, which actually involve some amount of construction and renovation, and my short-term plans for rearranging things would actually interfere with those plans, so I found myself at a bit of an impasse.
Also, I’m lazy.

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