Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cinnamon Mist

After coming back inside from smoking a cigarette, I opted to get all of my vitamins and supplements for the week ready, and while I was putting them into their assorted pill caddies, I realized that I hadn’t taken any of them today.
So I did that, then headed back upstairs and sat down to do some drawing.
While I was sitting there drawing, I burped.  That’s hardly unusual, especially considering that I had eaten dinner about a half an hour earlier.
What was unusual, however, was the smoke that the belch produced.
”Wait a minute…it’s been at least a good twenty minutes since I smoked a cigarette…the hell?”
Then the cinnamon flavor kicked in, and I realized that it wasn’t smoke, but rather a cinnamon mist.
Apparently when I took my supplements one of the cinnamon capsules got stuck in my throat, where the coating slowly dissolved, leading to my “smoky” belch.
Just thought I share that bit of weirdness.

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