Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nothing Special

This picture is nothing special, really.  I mean, it's okay, but...so what?
However, the reason I've posted it is that it's the first time in the 17 years since she first popped into my mind, that I've been able to complete a halfway decent image of my character Sam, AKA Subject 76, who is the alien-human hybrid daughter of my character Fontaine:

Not perfect, but the best I've done so far.
Sam was a major part of my 2009 National Novel Writing Month novel, and was, naturally, a big part of this year's sequel.
Though she's only eleven years old, Sam matured at an accelerated rate (thanks to her alien heritage), and is a fully-mature adult, roughly equivalent to a human woman in her early twenties.
Sam has vast superhuman abilities, including superhuman strength and resistance to injury, some degree of telepathic abilities, telekinesis, and energy manipulation.
Her "hair" isn't really hair, but a collection of hair-like filaments of the internally-generated alien energy that serves as her power source.  When she's weakened, her hair loses body and volume, and if she's sufficiently weak, it disappears entirely.
Her name, given to her by her mother when she was born, as she came out with a full head of long, glowing "hair," and she demonstrated sufficient strength to shatter the bones in Fontaine's finger with a gentle squeeze, is actually Samson, which everyone agrees is a terrible name for her, but which she insisted upon keeping.
Since escaping from the government facility where she was born as part of a breeding program, Sam has been a wanted fugitive, living her life on the run, and occasionally trying - and usually failing - to develop something akin to a mother-daughter relationship with Fontaine.
Anyway, if you've read any of my Fontaine stories and wondered what Sam looks like in my head, wonder no more.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

I thought I recognized her from the thumbnail. You did an excellent job describing her before and then another excellent job depicting her here for me to have noticed.